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停播,明年初才会播。讲述两名少女在医院出生时不小心被调包,Bay Kennish在富裕家庭长大,父母双全,还有个兄弟,而Daphne Vasquez由一位工薪阶层的单身母亲带大,童年时因为脑膜炎失去了听力,生活比起前者简直天上地下。当两个家庭发现了当年的“调包”,戏剧化的事情必然要要发生,为了两个孩子,两个迥异的家庭要相见,并一起尝试找出一条和谐地继续生活的道路,这一到现实中肯定比想象要艰辛许多......



标题:【访谈】Lucas Grabeel访谈


Lucas Grabeel Interview
We had a chance to talk with Lucas Grabeel (of “High School Musical” fame) earlier today (March 28th) where he chatted about his involvement in the upcoming “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” and of course Ashley. We also got to hear about what the actor is up to nowadays including recording studio happenings and a brand new pilot set to air on ABC Family come June 2011! Check out what he had to say below!
MT: What did you think about covering Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” Any thoughts on Justin as an artist – Arianna from Italy
LG: Well I had a lot of fun recording the song. It was really cool. I had never heard- obviously I’d heard of Justin Bieber before [recording] but that was the first song I had ever heard of his, just to learn it [for recording]. Obviously I knew he was some kind of pop sensation and when I heard the actual track it was you know, pretty much what I expected to hear. Pretty young, pop sound type stuff, but I think he’s got a long career ahead of him for sure.
MT: How would you describe Ashley Tisdale using only 3 words - Carolina from Portugal
LG: [Immediate response] Like a sister.

MT: Do you still talk with the rest of the HSM cast – Carly from Canada
LG: Yeah, totally. I’m actually meeting up with, well I guess it’s not the cast, but I’m meeting up with two choreographers tonight to talk about another project together. I just saw Ashley [Tisdale] a couple weeks ago, we’ve had lunch a couple times in the last few months. I’ve seen Olesya [Rulin] and Corbin [Bleu]. I haven’t seen Monique [Coleman] in a while or Zac [Efron] and Vanessa [Hudgens]. Zac and Vanessa have been working constantly recently, so they’ve been pretty busy.
[On Monique’s current UN Youth Champion travel/work] I know, it’s crazy! That was something she had always talked about doing. It was something she was always passionate about, so I’m really proud of her that she has gone through with it and then some! She’s really done some great things so far and I’m sure she’s just gonna continue to move on up!
MT: You’ve been involved behind the scenes in various projects, including “I Kissed a Vampire”, “Dancing Ninja” and your 14341 production company – are you more comfortable in front of the camera or behind the camera Where do you ultimately see your future lie in the entertainment industry – Dani from Australia
LG: Wow! That’s a good question! Well, the reason that I got into production was I was so fortunate to get into the acting business so early on when I moved to LA and that was really my primary focus. I didn’t really have any other plans to do anything else but that. But I found that my passion, desire- those things changed a little bit when I really found out what being an actor meant.
Whatever you dream about, your goals in life sometimes when they come to you they’re not exactly how you planned them to be or you imagined them to be- and not in any negative way, just I felt like I needed to be fulfilled in other ways. And I’ve always kind of been a Jack of all trades. In high school I look back on all of the extracurricular activities that I was involved with and I’m astonished that I was able to even sleep or keep a straight A report card- so I’ve always been kind of doing everything.
Production is something that just- you know in theater, when I was performing in theater growing up, a part of our training was to sweep the floors, to hang lights, to take tickets, to be ushers, to work in the office, to organize things to every aspect of what it took to control and maintain theater- that’s what we did. So, same with the movie industry. I was so interested in what a grip did, what an associate producer does, and what is a line producer and all these different things.
So 14341 was a smaller version of what I could do with my limited resources and steal things from sets that I was working on or actors or crew members and make my own stuff. Just another way of learning! And now I’m moving on to trying to sell feature films now with a new production company called Blink Tank Films, so I’m really excited about starting that new adventure. But it’s really just another experiment. I don’t know once I get into it- it might just be like acting and I may say ‘You know I liked that. That was a lot of fun, now I’m gonna try something else’ It’s like the same with music or whatever. I want to do everything.
MT: Are you currently in a relationship – Camella from the Philippines
LG: Yes. [Sorry ladies!]
MT: Do you have any upcoming music projects You’re really talented. – Dang from Vietnam
LG: Well thank you! Yes, I’m currently working on some demos right now. I’ve been writing music for a very long time, since I was probably 12 years old. But it was always a hobby or something that would just you know, suffice the friends and family necessities. But now I feel like it’s time that I get serious with it and actually release some music to everyone. I’m writing like crazy right now, I’m recording all the time and I’m trying to get ready for something- I don’t know what. My hope is to get a record deal by the end of this year.
MT: Good luck with the record deal!
LG: Thank you!
MT: If you could do anything you haven’t yet done what would it be and why – Charlene from New York
LG: That’s a great question. [Ponders…] I would like to go out on tour. I mean, I know I did with “High School Musical” but I would like to go out on tour with my own music. Just for one, to see the comparable experience to going out with “High School Musical” and being part of this rock and roll phenomenon-type thing. But just to get the other side of it. Obviously I wouldn’t have as many fans as “High School Musical” does in total, so it would be a completely different experience and I would be sharing my own music and my own words . I’d love to be a rock star in my own terms [Laughter].
MT: You’ve played three characters in one TV show (Lex Luthor, Alexander Luthor and Conner Kent in “Smallville”) – is this really a manifestation of your own multiple personality disorder – Danielle from Sydney
LG: [Big laugh] Maybe! I don’t know, if I were to have created that concept then I definitely would have said yes. In that instance it was just they called me up and said ‘You’re gonna be playing this now, is that okay’ and I’m like ‘Yeah, sure!’.
I actually got the job of Alexander, because there was a huge gap between my first and second appearances on the show. My first appearance was in 2006. I had just been cast in “Switched At Birth” (this ABC Family pilot), and it was cast by the same casting director as “Smallville”. So she knew me from way back when. I auditioned for “Smallville” like some nine times or something before I finally got the Lex Luthor role. So, she knew me pretty well and I had to dye my hair red for the show, the pilot, and she came to lunch one day and saw me with my red hair and said ‘Oh my God! I didn’t even think about this, but we need a red headed guy to play a Young Lex Luthor. And who better to play Lex Luthor than you because you’ve already played him’ So they actually had hired somebody in Vancouver already to play the role, and I felt really bad that they had to tell him that he didn’t have the role anymore. And I mean, here he did- you know, he probably learned his lines and auditioned and did all that and I-
MT: You stole his job! [KIDDING!]
LG: Oh, yeah… [Kidding as well] That’s just another example of how crazy this industry is. You never have true job security. [Chuckle]
MT: What is both your dream role and costar – Sydney
LG: Oh wow. I like adventure. I’ve always dreamed of being a cowboy, riding horses, or being an Indiana Jones type character or a spy. I love comedy, so as long as it’s got some lightness to it, but some kind of Indiana Jones adventure type role would definitely be the pinnacle. And if they had super powers that would be awesome too, because having a little taste of that on “Smallville” and I did an independent movie called “The Adventures of Food Boy” where I had the super power of shooting food out of my hands. Those were great fun, so I’d love to revisit that kind of thing.
I have a million dream co-stars. It depends on what role they’re playing. I admire so many actors. Edward Norton and Robin Williams are some people that I grew up loving of course. Robin Williams always looked like my dad, so I always had a weird connection with him. Steve Carell and Will Ferrell and all the up and coming- well they’re not up and coming anymore [Chuckles] but the comedians of today would just be amazing.
And then don’t get me started on the ladies that I would like to work with. [Laughter]
MT: Oh snap!
LG: It’s a long list.
MT: Tell us more about your upcoming ABC Family endeavor “Switched At Birth” and your others upcoming projects. – Joan from Columbia (with love from Latin America)
LG: Well gracias South America. My new project is as you said- “Switched At Birth” on the ABC Family network and I’m super excited about it. It’s a show about these two girls who were switched at birth accidentally. One of them became deaf at the age of three. The other lived in a very affluent neighborhood and they find each other when they’re 15 and their families have to cope with this crazy new fact about their lives and how the girls have lived in these other people’s houses and were raised as part of a family- but find out that they’re not related to them at all.
It’s a really interesting concept and kind of makes you think about parents and children and family and what family means to all different walks of life. It’s really interesting. I saw the pilot a few weeks ago and I really, really liked it so I’m super excited about this. I play the brother in the well to-do family.
MT: Do you start filming soon
LG: Yeah, we start filming this Wednesday!
“Switched at Birth” starring Lucas Grabeel, Bay Kennish, Katie Leclerc and Lea Thompson premieres on ABC Family Monday, June 6th at 9/8c and “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” is available on DVD and Blu-Ray April 19, 2011!
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Special thanks again to both Lucas and Autumn Grabeel for their time and generosity- it was a pleasure conducting this interview!


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